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Based on our expertise, and under the format of projects, studies, reports, assessments, calculations, numerical simulations, experimentation, software design, equipment lending or use of commercial software.

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Solutions developed by Cadfluid

In the last 30 years, Cadfluid has developed solutions for different industrial, technological, environmental, and biomedical problems, some of them are listed below.

Modelization of a flow with chemical reaction inside a reactor

Identification of the origin of pollutant air dispersion

Computational modelization (CFD) of patient specific brain aneurysms for the prediction of the formation, growth and rupture of the aneurysm

Hydrodynamic study of the salinity and the water temperature of the Alfacs Bay (Delta de l’Ebre)

Simulation of the evolution of an oil spill in the sea (Simoil)

Study of mixing in agitated multiphase reactors

Dispersion of an air freshener in a closed room

Modelization of the extrusion process of a blow film

Prediction of thermal and electrical field in printed circuit boards

Prediction of the cooling of the oil spilled after the Prestige sinking

Improvement of the efficiency of a gear pump

Evaluation of the air quality around an emission point

Prediction of the water/air transfer of organic compounds in ponds, reservoirs and rafts

Distribution of reactants at the entrance of a reactor due to the geometry of the inlet line

Evaluation and analysis of vertical wind turbines

Additive dispersion in a storage tank

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Some of the sectors for which Cadfluid is working or is able to work.




Electrical and Electronics

Oil & Gas

Public Administration


Healthcare & Biomedicine




Construction & Architecture


Our expertise lies in the analysis of flow and heat and mass transfer, with or without chemical reaction in systems, equipment and processes of scientific, technological, industrial, environmental and/or biomedical interest, by means of theoretical, computational (CFD) and experimental tools.


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Computational fluid dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics: Cadfluid Solutions have wide experience in the use of CFD software both commercial and open source, for research and industrial applications as well as for experimental problems. According to the requirements and the needs of the problem, the center selects the most adequate existing code, or it develops his own calculation code.

Experimental fluid dynamics

Experimental fluid dynamics: experimental reproduction is required both for results validation as well as for validation of the approximations used in CFD, as a first step in the scale-up of models for their implementation in an industrial plant. Cadfluid has lab spaces, equipment and resources for the construction and validation of experimental equipment, as well as proprietary visualization techniques.

Software development

Software development: most of the numerical modelization and data analysis carried out by Cadfluid is done with codes developed by the center. These codes have been developed to meet customer requirements, and they can be delivered to be used by the customer, after being adapted to their system and needs.

05-Successful cases

Elaboration of a simulation package for the design of printed circuit boards

Cadfluid has developed a package of numerical simulation to predict, during the design stage of a printed circuit board, the temperature field from the circulating electric current and elements of the circuit. This tool is used in the electronics industry to validate the design of printed circuit board in a faster way, improving the design and providing a faster and more reliable step towards product development.

Study of environmental impact of a combined cycle plant

Cadfluid participated in the study of the environmental impact previous to the construction of the combined cycle plant “Plana dels Vents”. From the numerical modelization of the pollution dispersion, the orography and the weather conditions, recommendations on the most adequate dimensions of the chimney stacks of the plant were proposed, in order to minimize the environmental impact. These recommendations were incorporated into the project, and were applied during the construction of the plant.

06-About us

Cadfluid group

Cadfluid Solutions – Center of Advanced Fluid Dynamics works to put the knowledge in Mechanics of Fluids and Turbulence at the service of people and companies. It is an initiative that emerged from the consolidated research group ECoMMFiT, one of the leading groups in Spain in the modeling and simulation of turbulence and heat and mass transfer phenomena.

The center incorporates 19 people, including 9 senior researchers, 2 project researchers and 5 junior researchers.

The resources available to the center include 3 laboratories of 50m2 each, an open jet wind tunnel, experimental equipment, visualization and recording equipment, commercial and in house software, computational equipment, as well as access to shared computational equipment.


Campus Sescelades URV — Tarragona


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